Performance Based Lead Generation

Get 5-10 qualified sales meetings a month on a pay-per-call basis. You only pay for showed meetings. No monthly contracts or retainers.

Do You Struggle With...

Predictable Lead Generation?

Tired of unpredictable leads? Our B2B cold email services bring reliability to your lead generation. Through targeted outreach and data-driven strategies, we establish a consistent flow of high-quality leads, ensuring your business growth is on a steady path.

Reliance on Inbound Leads?

Break free from the limitations of relying solely on inbound leads. Our B2B lead generation services empower you to proactively engage with your audience through effective cold email campaigns. Diversify your lead sources and take control of your sales pipeline for sustained business expansion.

Getting Results with Outbound Methods?

Elevate your outbound efforts with our expertise. Our targeted cold email campaigns drive meaningful engagement and deliver tangible results. Experience the transformation as our proven strategies turn your outbound initiatives into a powerful engine for acquiring high-converting leads.

Why Choose Us?

  • Predictable Outbound Lead Generation

  • Highly Targeted B2B Leads

  • Personalized Cold Email Campaigns

  • Seamless Integration with Current Sales Process

  • Measurable Results with Weekly Reporting

  • Tight Feedback Loop with Clients

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Our Process


Discovery Call

We will have a quick discovery call where we will talk about your business, what you are selling, who you want to target, your current lead generation strategies, and your sales process



During our 2-3 week onboarding period, we will:

  1. Invite you to your dedicated Slack channel

  2. Build out entire email infrastructure

  3. Have onboarding call to discuss strategy

  4. Build out targeted lead lists, including only relevant decision makers

  5. Write out copy for all email sequences

  6. Get your approval


Campaign Launch

After our 2-3 week onboarding period, we will launch our first campaigns and:

  1. Handle all replies from interested prospects, including specific questions they may have about your business or case studies

  2. Book interested prospects directly into your calendar

  3. Send you weekly reporting including all campaign statistics

  4. Listen to your feedback on the meetings we book and adjust accordingly

What Our Clients Say About Us

2 Meetings Booked Within First 24 Hours Of Campaign Going Live


What is a qualified lead?

A qualified lead is a prospect who came from an approved lead list, showed interest in your services, booked a call, and attended the call

Do I only pay for qualified leads?

We do not charge a monthly retainer and bill you at the end of the month for how many qualified meetings were generated. However, we do charge a one time setup fee to build out the infrastructure

Who's name is on the outreach accounts?

We typically recommend using whoever is taking the sales call for continuity. If you have multiple people who take calls, we would use the name of the founder/CEO

What happens if we part ways?

We will transfer over all of the infrastructure that we have built out (so you never lose the setup fee), and will also give you all of the sequences and lead lists we built for you so you can take this system in house

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